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Coulda, woulda, shoulda?

We have all heard that we should “Live in the Present” and that is so true. One of the greatest tragedies in life is not the things that we did that we regret; but more the things that we should have done that we didn’t. As we go through each day of our lives; we need to fill the time with whatever it is that supports what we want our lives to be. Sometimes those things might not work out as planned (or hoped for), but even then we move forward with the experience and the knowledge that we gave it a shot and if it didn’t work out as planned, we hopefully learned from having tried!

Procrastination seems to run deep in our culture as so many people put off what they really should do today! How many people talk about starting to “Save Money” when they make more or have less debt or whatever that point in time is. Somehow; we’ve established minimum standards for all sorts of things that have no value (other than making us put off starting until some future time)! We’ve all heard that we should “Save 10% of our earnings”… which is probably a good idea; but if you simply can’t save 10% of your earnings today, try to start by saving 1% and then in a few months try to trim off an extra Latte or two and save 2% and then after a few months, maybe you can figure out a way to save 3% and then when you get a raise at work you can “not increase your spending” and save 10%… There’s a whole lot of value in establishing a budget of saving and the amount is less important initially than just getting started. The same thing happens with exercising!!! Somehow; we’ve established that workouts should be 60 minutes. I’m not contesting that 60 minutes would be a fine period of time to workout and many classes are 60 minutes… but if you only have 45 minutes to workout, it’s way better than not working out. Using the same philosophy as the “Saving Money” subject, start small and let if evolve naturally.

Over the years; I’ve worked out with a number of clients that were so de-conditioned when they started that they literally couldn’t do 15 minutes on a treadmill, so we started on a Recumbent Bike and went for 2-3 minutes and then rested for 2-3 minutes and then repeated until after a week or two they were able to do 15 minutes and then rest for 2-3 and then do another 15 and then repeat… you get the picture. Some of my most successful “Weight Loss Clients” started this way and today the literally are climbing 14’ers, running 10k’s and road cycling. Had they tried any of those more extreme activities on the first day, it probably would have physically hurt them (at least discouraged them)… but they started and ultimately achieved their goals. When we finally reach that final day that we spend on this earth… it is my hope that we can look back and know that we at least tried everything that we wanted to try and won’t lie on our death bed saying the we Coulda, Woulda & Shoulda!

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