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CrossFit as part of your Fitness Program

Over the last several years, the popularity of Cross Fit has taken over the planet as more of a Cult Movement than a workout plan. There have been a variety of opinions that have come from it; but the reality is, that (when done properly) it’s an awesome, high intensity strength training workout that develops muscular strength, muscular endurance and even contributes significantly to cardio vascular endurance.

Part of the bad rep that Cross Fit has gotten is due to a relatively high number of participants that have suffered injuries from the workouts. Generally speaking; most CrossFit organizations are set up to have participants go through some type of “TRAINING” before just jumping into the next Butt-Kicking Class. The “TRAINING” teaches the new student Proper Lifting Form at a slower pace, teaching them every part of the motion and providing certain cues to watch out for where injuries are likely to occur. As part of any well laid plan though, when put into practice; a number of realities don’t play out exactly as the plan was written. From what I’ve heard; many of the new students are experienced weight lifters and convince the TRAINER that they know what they’re doing and how to lift properly.
It’s always a good idea to review “Good Form & Proper Lifting Technique” regularly.

Another “issue” that happens with the Cross-Fit environment is that as participants get stronger and more fit, they start to lift more weight and in order to perform the movements, we recruit neighboring muscles that puts our bodies at a more compromised position as far as risk to injury. The competitive nature of a Cross Fit Gym is very motivating and FUN!!! but it also causes us to sometimes make a bad decision as to the weight selection and then we end up with injuries. The other side of that coin; however, is that pushing your limits is how you really get results, so instead of just avoiding the activity all together, just be smart about how much you increase your weight and focus constantly on using proper form. Cross Fit has gotten the bad rap; but in all honesty, the same thing happens in about any competitive sport. How many of us have tried to run a little farther (a marathon) or faster (a sprint) and ended up with injuries. Generally; these are caused by compromising running form for what feels like a way to run faster or farther.

At THE GYM OF BASALT; we are proud to work with Roaring Fork Cross Fit as a responsible facility that focuses on training participants to always use good form and select proper resistance. Our members have the option of buying a “Dual Membership” and participating in the Cross Fit classes that they offer while keeping the flexibility of still getting a workout when you miss the scheduled class as well as participating in other kinds of exercise modalities and classes. As a take-away; don’t avoid doing cross-fit (or any other high intensity workout), but rather stay focused on proper form & technique.

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