About The Gym

Welcome to The Gym Of Basalt! 

No matter what your level of fitness, you can find a challenging and appropriate level of workout for you. We realize that HEALTH & FITNESS is not a One-Size fits all Proposition and we work with people on a personal level to help them to create an overall program that fits THEIR NEEDS!

We can provide instruction and guidance on the equipment to help you get the most from your workout anytime you're here. 

We offer 30 Group Fitness Classes to help motivate members and to make workouts EFFECTIVE & FUN!
We offer Small Group Training which allows people with similar situations and goals to share the cost of a Personal Trainer.
Our instructors will work at your pace to bring you up to speed, build your endurance, and help you reach your peak physical condition. 
Our Dual Membership with Roaring Fork Cross-Fit allows members to benefit from a responsible Cross-Fit program while allowing for variety and flexibility of THE GYM.

 If you have never been in, please come by for our intro offer!* We’ll give you plenty of time to find your niche, your favorite classes, and new or old friends!

*Intro offer is valid only for residents of the Roaring Fork Valley.

Weights and Cardio Equipment

The Gym offers a full line of Cybex pin-set weight machines as well as free weights. Cardio machines include Cybex treadmills, Star Trac ellipticals, Precor stair stepper and Cybex arc trainer. Most cardio machines have personal televisions, allowing you to connect your personal headphones.

Spin Bikes

When you’re looking for a great way to get a vigorous workout, burn calories and keep your muscles in shape – look no further! Spin class will help you accomplish all of these goals. Spinning classes provide an intense cardio workout while still catering to participants of all fitness levels.

Group Workouts

Ever need some extra motivation to get to the gym and get that fitness fire burning? Group Exercise is your answer. Get your heart pumping and your muscles moving with a variety of fitness classes. Group Exercise is a fantastic way to stay on track, and The Gym gives you access to an assortment of fun and results-oriented Group Exercises that cover all the essentials of total fitness.

Train at our Gym

The gym is now providing a location for independent personal trainers and group fitness instructors to train. Trainers can use the entire gym floor to train clients during regular gym hours. Group fitness instructors have two studios to choose from, plus a spin studio with 14 bikes.

For more information, please contact us directly: steveatthegym@live.com

Kids Room

Clean, safe, and fun. Designed to give parents peace of mind when they are working out.